Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Part of the Transworld Book Group

This post has been rather too long in the writing, courtesy of work and our family holiday to Le Moulleau on the South West coast of France.  Indeed, I am typing away on my laptop here under an almost cloudless blue sky, with a gentle breeze blowing, a full tummy after an al fresco lunch on our terrace and only birdsong to disturb the peace, as mini-Falaise’s long-suffering grandfather has taken her out for a promenade (and, probably, yet another ice cream, for which she appears to have an unquenchable appetite).

Anyway, back to business.  Whilst perusing Gaskella’s blog a few weeks ago, I read her post about the Transworld Book Group, organised by Lynsey at Transworld.  Participants get to pick four titles from a selection of their autumn list.  Transworld then send them out one at a time and everyone taking part reviews the titles they have been sent.

Now, having only been blogging for 12 months (my bloggiversary was on the 27th but I was on the beach so didn’t bother marking it with a post), I am still getting used to the idea that publishers will allow bloggers access to ARCs and send out recent titles for review.  So anything like this really gets me excited and I signed up with alacrity.  From their selection, I chose the following:

The Water Room by Christopher Fowler

The Water Room

Twelve by Jasper Kent


Caligula by Douglas Jackson


The Odin Mission by James Holland

The Odin Mission

None of them are authors I have read before and three of them are from genres I don’t normally pick up so it should be an interesting set of reads.  The first title, The Water Room, has arrived and, I have to confess, I have already finished it – review to follow shortly.


Alex (The Sleepless Reader) said...

Enjoy the sun while it lasts. I returned from Lisbon on Sunday and am still mourning the blue skies...

Your choices look very... manly :)

PS: Happy (late) bloggiversary! We're only 4 months apart!

Alex (The Sleepless Reader) said...

PPS: How are you liking Post Captain? I'm finding it even better than M&C, but it might be my Austen-fanatic side talking...

Falaise said...

Alex - Thanks! I haven't got round to Post Captain yet. I think it will be coming with me on the plane to Toronto next week. Glad you are enjoying it though. I am really looking forward to it.