Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Rules

So, here are the rules for the 1,001 Books element of this blog:

1. I will be using the list set out in the 2008 edition of the book (which is a shame as if I used the 2006  edition, I would have completed about 15 more of the books!).

2. I will choose the order of the books randomly (using the rather wonderful Random Number Generator).

3. I will intersperse books that are not part of my challenge as I see fit.

4. When books that I have already read come up, I can choose whether or not to re-read them.

5. I can substitute up to 50 books on the list with books from other editions of 1,001 Books as I know there are some books on the list that I simply won’t be able to abide.

That’s it.

Anyway, I have used the trusty RNG to decide my first five books and…{pause for imaginary drum roll}…:

1. Nowhere Man by Aleksandar Hemon

2. Anton Reiser by Karl Philipp Moritz

3. Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann

4. Broken April by Ismail Kadare

5. The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

In the interests of full disclosure, the RNG spat out Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson for me but, having not enjoyed it as a child, I don’t feel like giving it a second go. No special reason, I’m just being capricious.

Check back in a couple of days when Nowhere Man should be safely under my belt.


Selene said...

I like this idea, the random number generator means I'm picking books I just skip over otherwise, literally there are books that I haven't even noticed! :D

Falaise said...

Selene - I agree. I find it stops me from being lazy and just gravitating to books I know I will enjoy.